A Year For Eye Health

Keep An Eye On Your Eye Health With These Tips

Self-care is important all year round, and that includes taking care of your eyes too. Eye care can be the foundation for a healthier you and the healthy changes you want to see happen. Here are a few tips to keep seeing clearly.

Get an Eye Exam

Get an Eye Exam
Since we are all spending so much time on screens and devices, it might be a good time to check in on your eye health and schedule an eye exam. A comprehensive eye exam is an important way to ensure your vision, which can change with age and frequent screen time, is where you need it to be. Moreover, comprehensive eye exams can detect signs of underlying health issues, such as diabetes, in addition to checking your vision. If you’re wondering where you can get an eye appointment near you, you can schedule one at your neighborhood Pearle Vision.

Be sure your glasses have an up-to-date prescription

Keep Your Look And Prescription Up To Date
New, stylish frames are a great way to change things up, especially when you are working from home and are constantly on video calls. Browse our designer frames collection to look and feel refreshed. Our eye care experts can help you pick out the perfect pair to match your style and face shape. Our eyes are constantly changing, so it’s best to make sure the prescription in your fresh new frames is up-to-date with an eye exam. But, if you still adore the frames you have now, you can simply get the lenses changed to match your new prescription. Either way, be proactive about your eye care and make sure to find an optometrist near you by searching for your neighborhood Pearle Vision.

Be Proactive About Eye Care

Be Proactive About Eye Care
No matter what season it is, your eyes always need protection. UV rays are still around during freezing temperatures and cloudy skies. In fact, snow can reflect the sunlight, increasing its brightness and its possibility of damaging your eye health. Resolving to wear 100% UV Protection Rx sunglasses is a great way to protect yourself. Additionally, you can show your eyes the same care indoors by practicing the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes look 20 feet away from your computer for 20 seconds. Also, it’s been found that glasses wearers are less likely to get the COVID-19 virus than prescription contact lens wearers because they are less likely to touch their eyes. Finally, be sure you’re scheduling annual eye exams to make sure your vision and health is in good shape year-round.


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