Back-To-School Checklist For Parents

Get an Eye Exam

Back-to-school checklists are a great way to make sure you’ve got everything you (and your kids) need for a smooth transition. And don’t forget to keep your child's eye health in mind when making your list. Schedule an eye exam for your kids to get their prescriptions up to date, and protect them from the harmful effects of the sun with children's Transitions® lenses to help get them ready for the best year of their life.

1. Talk to your child for a smooth back-to-school transition.

Be sure your glasses have an up-to-date prescription

Ensuring that your child is comfortable wearing their glasses is essential, especially now that we’re getting back to in-person learning. Add an eye exam for your kids to your back-to-school checklist. Even getting their glasses adjusted and cleaned can help them feel good about their return to the classroom. And always remember, speaking and listening to your child about their eyesight is the best way to help you make the right decision regarding their eye health, so that they’re seeing clearly to achieve their dreams.

2. Get ready for recess.

Proactive Eye Care

Outdoor recess is one of the most awaited moments in a child’s school day. Much of children's activities are outdoor based, including sports and playtime which means their eyes have more time in the sun. This increased exposure to sunlight also adds to children's exposure to damaging UV light. Children's eyes are not as effective as adult eyes in filtering UV light and preventing it from reaching their retinas. For this reason, protect your kid's eyes from harmful UV rays with a well-fitted pair of children’s Transitions® lenses that allow them to see clearly in the classroom and out on the playground.

3. Schedule your child’s eye exam.

Proactive Eye Care

As you start getting your children ready to go back to school, make sure they have an updated prescription and a fresh pair of glasses that reflect who they are as they grow up, so they are ready to conquer the new world that awaits them beyond the front door. Schedule their eye exams here.

Many things go into your child's success at school, and good eye health is one of them. At Pearle Vision, we want to help you and your child have the best back-to-school experience.


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