Importance Of Eye Exams For Kids

The back-to-school item we forget

Back to school eye exam glasses1

Back-to-school means one thing:

it’s time to get cracking on that back-to-school shopping. Everyone seems to remember pencils, backpacks, notebooks, sneakers, sweaters and lunchboxes, but there’s one essential item that often doesn’t make the checklist: a comprehensive eye exam.

“A thorough vision exam is critical to every child’s success in school,” says Dr. Sarah Krietlow, an Independent Doctor of Optometry at Pearle Vision in Chaska, MN. “You would never send your kid to school without the tools they need to thrive – and the ability to see the board clearly is one of the most important tools your child will ever need.”

Sitting in school for several hours a day, looking from the chalkboard to the computer screens and back to a notebook can be a strain on young eyes. And, vision issues are not just for the middle-aged -- 1 in every 4 kids has an undiagnosed vision problem, which can make thriving in a school environment difficult. It can also cause issues for your child socially, in after-school activities and out on the playground.

Early detection is critical

According to the American Optometric Association, the problem can compound the longer it goes untreated. They recommend an eye exam for early detection and treatment as the most effective way to help your child see clearly and help them avoid the issues that come with eye problems.

If your child is consistently sitting too close to the TV, rubbing their eyes, squinting to see things, tearing up or showing sensitivity to light, these all can be signs something is going on with their vision, says Dr. Krietlow.

Back to school is the perfect time to take them in for a thorough eye exam from a doctor you trust and is vital to setting your child up for the school year they deserve. You should find a doctor your child is comfortable with, recommends Dr. Krietlow, and make sure that if your child does need to wear vision correction, they get glasses or eyewear they feel comfortable in.

So, when it's time to get the kids equipped for the school year, don’t forgot to include an eye exam at your local Pearle Vision.

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