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What is the cost to my company and employees and their families?
PearleViews is available at no cost to your company or to employees and their families.

Why should I sign up for PearleViews now?
The program is very easy to implement and allows companies to offer a new vision program to employees at no cost! By activating membership cards, employee members and their families can start saving on eyewear today! There is no commitment to buy your eyewear at Pearle Vision, but members are eligible to save significantly if you make your purchase at Pearle Vision.

What is in it for Pearle Vision?
PearleViews is a way for Pearle Vision to build relationships with companies within the community and bring PearleViews members into the surrounding locations.

Can PearleViews be combined with another vision benefit plan?
It cannot be combined with any other vision benefit plan, however Pearle Vision accepts most vision insurance plans. If your company already has a vision plan, check with your local Pearle Vision to see if it accepts your company's current plan.

Can employees who don't have vision coverage take advantage of the program? (union/employee) (current vision coverage for employee only, not family members)
The program needs to be offered to a complete "class" of employee. So if you have unionized contractors who have coverage already, they can be excluded, but all your full-time employees must be offered the program. You also can choose to offer this to only full-time and not part-time employees. The program offers coverage to entire families (not just employees), so if an employee shares a card with family members, they could use the benefit.

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